Earl Capital is a Swiss company operating from Zurich, and forms part of the Earl Group of companies. Switzerland is known for its respect for confidentiality and privacy, but it also offers many other benefits: a politically and economically stable jurisdiction; excellent communications and infrastructure; access to specialist staff, personnel and professional services; and close proximity to world-class financial institutions.

Earl Capital is operationally independent, thus avoiding the conflicts of interest prevalent among financial institutions. We have no financial “products” of our own, and no obligations to buy those of any other institution. This allows us to assist our clients in determining an investment strategy which is entirely compatible with their needs. We access investment opportunities and services from a wide range of markets, institutions and boutique specialists. Our sole objective is to serve our clients, and in doing so we aim to select the investment strategies, managers and opportunities which best suit each client’s unique circumstances.

We build close relationships with our clients and the team of professionals involved in their structures, developing an in-depth understanding of our clients’ overall situation. This enables us to assist in aligning their investment objectives, and monitoring the ongoing suitability of their portfolio as their circumstances evolve. We are not incentivized to allocate capital to any particular types of investments or with any particular institution. Rather, we have the same perspective as our clients, and offer truly independent advice tailored to each client’s needs.

Earl Capital draws on a wide range of in-house expertise within the Earl Group including investment, legal, accounting and tax knowledge in providing investment advice. We are also able to draw on the specialist expertise of diverse investment professionals and market participants with whom we work.